Urban Birds-A Brief Database

A good database! Found a few birds that were missing from my Salim Ali guidebook

To Wonder & Wander

A few more words:
What you see in this post is an attempt at creating a brief database of my bird sightings. This database is meant to help in quick identification of some fairly commonly found birds,based on the pictures and distinguishing characteristic features(wherever mentioned).I have refrained from giving out detailed description regarding shape,plumage color,sound calls,feeding habits,usual habitations etc as it would have taken me forever to include all that info.Referring afield guide is the best recommendation in that context.

But let me state that barring 12 cases,all of these 65 bird sightings havetaken place from my bedroom window or hostel window & CoEP Boat Club at Aurangabad and Pune respectively.One of the intentions behind creating this database is to bring to light the fact that one can witness a large variety of birds even in an urban setting,without having to go specially outdoors.(though nobody has asked me…

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