“Excuse me, but aren’t you…?”

Vikramjit Singh

(This is the unedited version of the column that appeared in The Sunday Times,on 5th July 2015. The published version can be read here.)

New Yorkers often talk of how often they enter a coffee shop and spot people like Woody Allen working casually. Or an A-list Hollywood star joining a street performer. Things like these don’t happen in India. We hardly ever see celebrities in their natural habitat. We don’t go to Juhu beach and spot Amitabh Bachchan enjoying a gola. Which is great for Amitabh Bachchan, because otherwise, he’d have to answer a lot of questions.

“Sir, how to get so tall, sir? Bless my son, sir”

“Sir, do you and Abhishek Sir and Aishwarya mam sing Kajra Re everyday? Tell na, please”

You get the drift.

Even so, a great thing happened at a Delhi bar last Wednesday. Chris Martin, the lead vocalist of British band…

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