My name is a mouthful
it is neither here nor there
rootless, invented, like a plastic plant.

She talks too much
too much
too much
they say
that its because of the sheer constructedness of my name
I am addicted to constructing the world with words

If I had a small, short name
a syllable, maybe
I would be demure 
and shy, mysterious
as total and abrupt as a sigh
but my name goes on and on
and so do I.


Wind Snares

It rains

just a little bit

enough for smoothing

the rough edges

of the pavement

In the flat

we open doors

deploy door-stoppers

open windows

like traffic-policemen HALT palms

catching air

catching hope

airing these rooms

with conversation

the wind blows me 

to you

we smile

and say

its really nice weather

we breathe

our kill

the wind-chime grins

its chimes bloody

with fresh-caught breeze

it is good

it is good

it will be good

Feminazi I Am

The coming world belongs to us
us fucking furious feminists
our battles fought in stares
and skirts on a summer day
perhaps capslocked font
on a Facebook hate-page
or a friendship lost forever
over a casual rape joke

Our constant neurosis
are we women?
are we soldiers?
are we mad?
are we?

will history remember us will they say:
these women fought and fought and fought
and rebelled and rebelled and rebelled
like Shakespeare’s sister buried at the crossroads
they are buried in family shame no family name
because they boycotted marriage
had no children
had too many.

What will they say of us?

I hope when I die my obituary says, she died of weariness, the fever and the fret.

Things I Want

I want to know you
(y’know, biblically)
I want to know what
side of the bed you sleep on
whether you squeeze the toothpaste out
from the bottom or the middle
how you take your tea
on a good day
on a bad day
on a day that is neither
I want to know if you
forget to close doors behind you
and what you’re like angry.
100 days of domesticity
till I can smell myself on you
until I find those little hooks
in your skin you used
to reel me in
barbed like a cat’s tongue.