Circadian Song

A/N: I’m obsessed with the Circadian cycle, because I am so clearly in defiance of it. My body clock is irreparably damaged.



First is the peal of a temple bell
bold and brassy against the daylight
the old, old sound of mixed feelings
and the ringing vibration of human longing.

Second is the paper-walla
a knight on his wheeled steed
trailing a crisp scent of newsprint behind him
flinging up the news to fourth floor balconies.

Third is Mother Dairy
attracting crowds of half-asleep people
rumpled and self-conscious in their pyjamas
clutching their milk cans defensively.

Fourth are schoolchildren
sulky, half-asleep, scrubbed clean
hoisting their heavy school bags
waiting where the doorstep meets the road.

Fifth is me, falling in love with the world despite knowing better.


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