In Private

Sometimes my heart hurts from talking to you
but silencing what I want to say
so that when, if ever, I speak honestly
the words will sound rusted
like a trinket bought in a moment of hope
and hidden away in embarrassment.
Know my love from how knotted and old it now is
a tree that has put roots so deep into me
that I would crumble if it were torn out.


This. Is. Brilliant.


If you are here hoping to start a discussion on the 10 Best Hindi Film Songs of All Time, you may want to stop reading, like, now.

Hindi cinema has had so many gems that the biggest and the brightest experts on movies and music would find it tough to create a list of even the 100 best, leave alone the 10 Best Hindi Songs of all time. The expanse is awfully wide, ranging from K L Saigal to Amit Trivedi and everybody else in between. And I sure am not the right person to generate the list. Not because I am not capable, but because it may just be sacrilegious to take one song and leave another considering the number of great songs that we have had. And, also because I am not capable.

But here I am. Still hitting the imaginary keys of the imaginary typewriter, and feeling…

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Friendship Day

Here’s to walking up to that guy you always thought was cute, and asking him (like, so smooth) whether the teacher’s coming for this class after all.

Here’s to smiling at that girl you always felt would be great-cosmic-soul-buddies with you if you’d ever said hi.

Here’s to waving at strangers on the road from the bus window.

Here’s to lonely people, because I have been one of them.


Sometimes I forget how blue the sky really is. My Noida sky is white, or grey, or dirty yellow at best, all the time. It is starvation for the eyes – to look up, and see a net of smoke drawn across the heights, like a ceiling. It stifles me. When the rains come, and the wind hurries the clouds before it, the sky peeks through – blue with the intensity of outer space and sun. It feels new to me, as if I had forgotten its face. And every single time, I promise to myself, “I won’t.”